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Breakers Score With No Time Left To Become D5 Champions!

10/07/2010, 10:00pm HST

The best game at KIHA to date...hands down.

This game needed no special advertising or any promotion because it had all the hype and it lived up to all the hype.  How much more balanced of a season could you get then to have two teams finish with the same records in the regular season and then go onto to an awesome Championship which had 3 ties and 5 scoring lead changes. 

Teh Breakers came out flying scoring 3 goals really quick (Barrera, White, Mallari) to only have the Monarchs come storming back with goals from (Besch, Moore, Walsh) to tie it at 3-3.  After a pair of penalties on the Breakers the Monarchs continued their 6 straight goal scoring frenzy with tallies by (Cullen, Moore, Tonko).  

The Breakers would not give up when they came storming back with 3 straight of their own (Takahashi, Barrera, White).  Then the Breakers went ahead 7-6 on a beautiful goal by Rockin Robert Hamilton. 

Scott Tonko would not take it lightly and he scored in the final minutes to notch it up at 7-7. 

With the crowd on its feet and end to end action we thought overtime was the next step to this fairytale game but it wasn't because with just seconds remaining John Loeffler sent a pass out from the corner to Ted White was in front of the net and shot the rolling puck by the stretched out body of the goalie who had played an outstanding game.  What made the goal so much more dramatic (if you could even possiby do that) was that it went in as the buzzer sounded.  Absolutely Amazing.  You could not have written a better script to what is now the greatest game at KIHA. 

It was so fitting that both Xavier Colon and Ted White were in on the last moment because they do so much to make the D5 division happen.  The most important part is that they always give 100% both on and off the court.  Hats off to both of our D5 Lemieux's and thanks for all the great memories.

Pictured from left to right front (Nicholas "Lights Out" Fergus, Thomas "Hungry like a" Barrera, Goaltender Tammi "That's my net boys" Kaneshiro, Jasper "Hanging out at the" Mallari, and Ted "The Machine" White.  Left to right back (Natalie "the speed demon" Eichner, John "Loft the puck to the front of the net for the game winning goal with 1 second left" Loeffler, Greg "You" Takahashi "too much", Robert "Hambones" Hamilton, and Stephen "I have 6 kids" Eichner.

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