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Team Barq's wins the Thanksgiving Chun's Tourney!

11/27/2010, 11:02am HST
By Kiha Kahuna

 The annual Chun's tournament took place at KIHA yesterday between 7:00pm and 12:30am!  Six teams of four skaters entered the competition.  Four goalies did a great job (Jason Asato, Ben Barros, Rob Grilho, and Io Keehu) helping the teams during their rotations.  Everyone played hard.  Two girls joined the boys, Kiyomi Chun and Noel Nakasone, and they both rocked!  Team Barq's, Jon Chun, Bart D'Angelo (not shown on the picture), Erick Mijares, Michael Pentecost, Kyle Sung, and Ben Barros (goalie) made the best of it and won in the finals against a very good team lead by Dane Masada and company.  Let's do it again next year and congratulations to all the participants.

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