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t will take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Birthday parties or/and corporate ones will be welcome.  Inline skates, wrist guards, and helmets will be available for rental.  More news about KIHA Public Skating coming soon!   

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Romance was in the air at KIHA on D1 Monday night!

02/15/2011, 8:51pm HST, By Kiha Kahuna

D3 back on track!

01/26/2011, 2:36pm HST, By KIHA Kahuna

D3 'actors' did their thing on their stage.........

Practice makes perfect! The Oahu League players taking a break!

12/01/2010, 8:27pm HST, By Kiha Kahuna

The Oahu League squad looking good at practice........

The Fall season ends soon! Time to re-stock on Labedas!

12/01/2010, 7:38pm HST, By Kiha Kahuna

Shaggy earned 20 buckaroos!

11/29/2010, 2:38pm HST, By Kiha Kahuna

Team Barq's wins the Thanksgiving Chun's Tourney!

11/27/2010, 11:02am HST, By Kiha Kahuna

KIHA is all about friendship. Tim and Ted like to hang at KIHA!

11/23/2010, 9:04pm HST, By Kiha Kahuna

Ikaika Yogi Does Some Dangling

11/18/2010, 3:25pm HST, By KIHA

The One Handed Slipperubi

Kazuo White Takes His Game To A Higher Level

11/15/2010, 4:48pm HST, By KIHA

White Lightning

Ryan Shimanuki and Michael Pentecost Battle for the Puck

11/13/2010, 8:42am HST, By KIHA

High Level Action

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Displaying Results 1 - 10 of 100