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t will take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Birthday parties or/and corporate ones will be welcome.  Inline skates, wrist guards, and helmets will be available for rental.  More news about KIHA Public Skating coming soon!   

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Rob Moylan Goes Down Hard But Keeps on Rockin

09/15/2010, 10:32pm HST, By KIHA

Rockin Rob Moylan

Hat Trick Hamilton !!!

09/15/2010, 10:24pm HST, By KIHA

Robert Hamilton has his first 3 goal game at KIHA.

Double the Peace at KIHA

09/15/2010, 10:19pm HST, By KIHA

Matty and Noah hanging out.

KIHAHockey Pros and MacBook Pros

09/03/2010, 9:21pm HST, By KIHA


This Is What Happens To A Puck After Todd Masada Shoots It

09/02/2010, 3:31pm HST, By KIHA

The Force of KIHA.

Big Studt Little Studt

09/02/2010, 2:27pm HST, By KIHA

Current star and future star

Greg Studt Sacrifices His Body For THe Team

09/02/2010, 2:22pm HST, By KIHA

What will the crafty Jon Chun do?

Jon Chun Sports His New Bauer Helmet And Face Cage

08/23/2010, 5:34pm HST, By KIHA

Check out Jon Chun in both D1 and D2.

A Dozen New Hockey Lovers

08/14/2010, 6:38pm HST, By KIHA

FREE hockey gear at KIHA equals more people playing the sport.

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Displaying Results 51 - 60 of 100

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