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t will take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Birthday parties or/and corporate ones will be welcome.  Inline skates, wrist guards, and helmets will be available for rental.  More news about KIHA Public Skating coming soon!   

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One of KIHA's Finest

08/14/2010, 9:04am HST, By KIHA

Todd Masada has one of the hardest and most accurate shots

Will "The Thiller" Gabor Is Ready For Action

08/12/2010, 2:55pm HST, By KIHA

The Thriller dances around the crease like Michael Jackson.

Smiling Faces In D3

08/12/2010, 2:49pm HST, By KIHA

So many great players in D3 at KIHA

Bill Alt Is An "Alt" together Great Guy.

08/12/2010, 2:34pm HST, By KIHA

Giving back to the hockey community.

Two Thumbs Up For Bona "Bo" Chhoun.

08/12/2010, 2:24pm HST, By KIHA

A hardworking and truly gifted hockey player.

Kiyomi Chun Is Fast And Furious

08/12/2010, 2:14pm HST, By KIHA

Very smart and very crafty on the rink.

Eyes of Hawaii's Next Top Goalie

08/09/2010, 11:01pm HST, By KIHA

Precision, precision, precision.

Chun, Saguibo and Wong

08/09/2010, 11:00pm HST, By KIHA

Kimo Chun heads up the floor with nothing but the back of the net on his mind.

Kapolei Kaipo

08/09/2010, 10:59pm HST, By KIHA

This guy is so fast that he gets speeding tickets when he's coasting.

Marc Suenaga Goes Over Some Team Strategy

08/09/2010, 7:42am HST, By KIHA

Smooth as Silk Suenaga

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Displaying Results 61 - 70 of 100

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