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t will take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Birthday parties or/and corporate ones will be welcome.  Inline skates, wrist guards, and helmets will be available for rental.  More news about KIHA Public Skating coming soon!   

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Brandon Ng Is In The KIHA House Tonight.

08/03/2010, 12:04am HST, By KIHA

This guy can fly like the wind.

KIHA Jerseys Front and Back

08/02/2010, 3:41am HST, By KIHA

Customized to each and every player at KIHA

Ikaika Yogi Is Back In Full Force

08/01/2010, 10:23pm HST, By KIHA

From the ocean to the mountains and back again.

Noah Cullen a 2010 NARCh Silver Medalist

07/31/2010, 9:39pm HST, By KIHA

Speed Kills

Noah Naone Dressed To Impress

07/31/2010, 9:36pm HST, By KIHA

A Force In Nature

DJELARDIN and HELMUT. Are they Canadian or what eh?

07/30/2010, 12:13am HST, By KIHA

Sporting the new KIHA threads

New Hockey Training Tools Have Arrived

07/29/2010, 9:27pm HST, By KIHA

Several Sweethands and Attack Triangles

New Kids at KIHA Every Week

07/29/2010, 8:51am HST, By KIHA

Can't wait to get out on the rinks at KIHA

KIHA House League Jerseys Have Arrived

07/28/2010, 5:57pm HST, By KIHA

The hottest house league jerseys on the planet.


07/25/2010, 8:20am HST, By KIHA

Just One of the Great Families at KIHA

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Displaying Results 81 - 90 of 100

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