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Youth Programs

Written by Anya Willis, mother of three and has been a yoga instructor for the past 12 years. She created Fit Kids to help parents find fitness alternatives to keep their kids moving.

How to Affordably Support Your Kids In Sports

Photo by Anton Belitskiy from Pexels


Sports are an integral part of many people’s lives. Whether they’re playing a sport or watching others play, these activities are enriching as well as entertaining. Kids need to be introduced to sports at a tender age. To achieve this goal, parents often spend a lot of money on gear, lessons, and other expenses related to the sport. As such, it’s important to find a way to support your children while keeping your budget in check. 

Below, KIHA presents some tips that can help you reduce spending while still supporting your kids to the best of your ability.

Find affordable equipment

Because sports require equipment, there is a need to find affordable but reliable items. To help you get started, follow the steps below.

  • Read classified newspaper ads and check sites like Craigslist for deals.

  • Visit sites that stock used items (Play It Again Sports, for example).

  • Ask other parents about the best places to find affordable gear. 

  • Search in social media shops like Facebook Marketplace. 

Save on Coaching Options

In addition to gear and equipment, you may need to explore low-cost coaching options. This is important because hiring a coach exclusively can be expensive.

The better option includes, among other options:


  • Stagnating coaching sessions- most coaches prefer regular and longer sessions with their clients, but to minimize the cost of training, you may stagnate the sessions to suit your time management.  

  • Work with new coaches- another budget-friendly way to support your kids’ sports interests is to work with students who graduated recently and are relatively new to the field but eager to gain experience.  Such trainers charge lowly because they want to build their careers.

Try out a variety of sports

Nurturing kids to embrace sports is a delicate balance. At a young age, the kids are not that focused and can easily sway from one sport to another. Committing to one sport is ideal; however, it is important to try a variety of sports disciplines before settling on one that works. Here are some tips that can help you accomplish this.

  • Don’t concentrate on one sport: Concentrating on one sport at an early age for a long time can make a kid experience burnout or even boredom.

  • Give them space to explore: Let your kids choose the sport that suits them. Although you may want them to play baseball, for example, don’t push them toward something they don’t have an interest in. 

  • Look beyond team sports. Team sports aren’t the only available options. For example, Tae Kwon Do is something your kids could try while trying out for hockey. Chances are the kids will find one sport that they want to play often. If your child has an interest in hockey, introduce them to KIHA, a platform that will enable them to engage with other kids who share similar interests.

However, it is important to remember that sports interests may change as your kids get older. Some of them include peer influence, change of mind, injuries, and so on. 

Encourage safety

When it comes to sports, safety is always paramount. Most homes have a section of land that can be set aside for kids to practice safety when at home. However, for the lawn to be safe for your kids, it needs to be addressed by a professional team of lawn aeration experts. A poorly maintained lawn can be a threat to kids if you have dips, divots, and small mounds across your yard, all of which could cause your kids to trip and fall.

To hire someone for the job, begin by searching online for "aerator service near me.” Once you’ve found some candidates, look into customers reviews and ratings to ensure the person or business you’ve selected is trustworthy.  

Final Thought

The best way to support kids in sports is by being there with them through the ups and downs. While having a helpful coach or great gear, provide them with the tools they need, your encouragement will provide them with the inspiration to keep at it. 


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Youth Divisions

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Youth Program Information

The main goal is to give every child an opportunity to participate in a hockey program in their respective age group while also encouraging their overall development with challenging them to play at the next age group while having a great amount of fun in the process.

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