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A True Canadian At Heart (literally)

10/01/2010, 10:57pm HST

Tyler Bassingthwaite

Tyler Bassingthwaite not only has a long name but had a long season in D2.  Tyler stepped in to play goal in a division that is really fast and he struggled at first but with hard work and a never quit attitude he found himself in the finals.  Tyler is a gritty player with a heart that never stops.  He loves the game of hockey and I know he loves Canada because he has it tattoed to his heart (literally).  What makes Tyler so special is his scheer determination and his never say die attitude.  I know at times he was ready to hang up the goalie pads because he knew he was in a division that was not holding back on scoring but he stuck it out.  In a tremendous overtime semifinal he found himself celebrating his teams only win of the season.  They did go on to finish second overall but I think they finished with a better attitude then they thought they would.  It just goes to show that with a never say die attitude anything can be accomplished.

Way to go Tyler B!

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