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t will take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Birthday parties or/and corporate ones will be welcome.  Inline skates, wrist guards, and helmets will be available for rental.  More news about KIHA Public Skating coming soon!   

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Aloha's from Emerson And Benjamin

11/13/2010, 8:39am HST, By KIHA


D5 Love Comes With All The Smiles

11/11/2010, 9:00am HST, By KIHA

The All American Couple


11/10/2010, 4:15pm HST, By KIHA

D5's Driving Force

Special Agent Kelly Mayne Visits KIHA from The Big Island

11/10/2010, 4:13pm HST, By KIHA

A great teacher of the game of hockey.

The HEAT Was Turned Up At KIHA Tonight

11/09/2010, 10:33pm HST, By KIHA

The Heat win their first two D1 games!

Thomas "The Machine Gun" McNorton

11/08/2010, 5:23pm HST, By KIHA

This guy can fire the puck!

Gabi Paczolay Gives Two Thumbs Up For Hockey At KIHA

11/08/2010, 5:21pm HST, By KIHA

This guy can dangle

Lots of Smiling Faces At KIHA This Weekend

11/07/2010, 10:36pm HST, By KIHA

Hockey Is Awesome

Jordan "Tsunami" Minami and The "Sleeping" Macho Man

11/07/2010, 6:00pm HST, By KIHA

Totally Excited and Totally Asleep

Happy Halloween from Hawaii and KIHA

11/02/2010, 9:07pm HST, By KIHA

The Spam Musubi Crew

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Displaying Results 11 - 20 of 100